• to improve, develop and promote Football in the Region in the light of fair play and its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values, particularly through youth and development programmes;
• to protect the interests of its Member Associations and to foster friendly relationships between and amongst its Member Associations, other Football Associations, FIFA, the AFC, other Regional Associations across Asia recognized by the AFC in order to stage inter-regional tournaments and competitions and any other organisations;
• to organise and manage Football competitions of all types and categories in the Region as well as development projects and workshops; and
• to use its efforts to ensure that the game of Football is available to and resourced for all who wish to participate in the Region regardless of gender or age.


9 January 2015

The Central Asian Football Association is one of the five Regional Associations of the Asian Football Confederation. In June 2014, the establishment of the new association was in principle approved by the Asian Football Confederation and it was subsequently approved at the AFC Extraordinary Congress on 09 January 2015.  CAFA is currently headquartered in Dushanbe, Tajikistan and through its events, CAFA aims to develop and strengthen the game of football throughout the region by raising the standards and creating more opportunities for the Member Associations for further growth.