First Match Commissioner seminar organized by CAFA


MCs from CAFA Member Associations attended the two-day seminar from 19 to 20 July in capital city of Tajikistan. The seminar aims to provide them with the latest updates and tools for success as well as giving opportunity joining to the pool of MCs in upcoming CAFA competitions.

Mr. Kemel Tokabaev, who has extensive experience in FIFA and AFC matches as Match Commissioner and General Coordinator, acts as an main instructor for this seminar, assisted by well experience FIFA and AFC Match Commissioner – Mr. Hamed Momeni.

Throughout the seminar, the participants analyzed various case studies to further strengthen the MCs confidence in dealing with various scenarios. The MCs also benefited from the topics of competitions, security, marketing, media and disciplinary matters, which will assist in building their knowledge and an overall awareness of international competition.

On the final day, the participants took MC written tests and FIFA Competition management system online test, to assist their development and to access their skills. Participants who successfully passed the tests will be included to CAFA Match Commissioners panel.