2nd Meeting of the CAFA Referees committee


Central Asian Football Association Referees Committee held its 2nd meeting on 23 August 2022 and expressed admiration for the match officials that will represent our region in upcoming FIFA U17 and U20 Women’s World Cup which will enhance proud record in the world stage.

In the virtual meeting, chaired by Mr. Ravshan Irmatov, the Committee commended the continues efforts of CAFA administration as well as Member associations for   their active participation in competitions and the life of the organization. He also highlighted that it had been almost a year since the first Committee meeting and that there was enough time to conduct a certain analysis and gather everyone in the same format again to discuss further steps related to the development of the refereeing in the region.

CAFA administration provided general information on the number of competitions and statistical information related to refereeing during the competitions in 2021 and 2022. General Secretary highlighted that CAFA Competitions give great exposure for the Referees and are considered a tool for them to grow in terms of their skill-set. In order to build a solid foundation for further development of refereeing throughout Central Asia, the committee decided to work on establishing certain mechanism for post-competition evaluation of Referees, Assistant Referees, and Futsal Referees performance

Considering the fact that CAFA competitions a good platform for referees’ development through practical application of the knowledge, in addition to that Committee have decided to work on building capacity building through additional measures by establishing an action plan for the educational activities.