CAFA Referees Seminar 2023


CAFA holds Referees seminar for further development.

As part of the implementation of the CAFA’s Refereeing Development Initiatives aimed at the capacity building measures CAFA organized the first ever CAFA Referees Seminar in capital city of Uzbekistan. The event took place from 26 to 28 January over three days.

The aim of the seminar is elevating the level of refereeing in the region and further development of professional skills of Match Officials assigned to CAFA competitions in 2023. With a total of 15 men and 8 women referees from CAFA member countries attended the theoretical and practical sessions where different refereeing topics was explored.

The first Vice President of Uzbekistan Football Association and the chairman of CAFA referees committee Mr. Ravshan Irmatov, who holds the record for officiating the most FIFA World Cup, noted to the participants that nowadays, following the introduction of modern technologies into football, football is rapidly developing, and the possibility of providing better quality football to fans is increasing. Naturally, special emphasis was placed on the role of referees in making football more attractive. It was noted that it is not for nothing that FIFA is making big innovations in the field of refereeing. CAFA pays serious attention to the subject of refereeing, and a number of activities are being carried out in the direction of its development.

Main instructor of the course and CAFA refereeing development working group Mr. Vladislav Tseytlin: “The seminar was very fruitful and intensive as at the same time. For the sake of maximum productive effect from the seminar we were able to provide latest information where match officials actively involved through discussions. The course program comprises fitness checks, Laws of the Game and amendments in the Law, video tests and trivia questions. We are here to assist our referees with aim to bring them to the world best stages”