CAFA U17 Championship 2023 concludes with Thrilling Matches and Outstanding Performances


Five Teams Showcase Exceptional Talent and Sportsmanship in Highly Anticipated Development Tournament

The recently concluded CAFA youth development competition witnessed an exhilarating display of skill, determination, and sportsmanship as five teams from around CAFA region battled it out on the pitch. The tournament, held in Hisor International Stadium from 20 to 27 August, brought together the most promising young football talents, providing a platform for them to shine on the international stage.

The competition, spanning over one week, showcased the future stars of football as they competed in high-intensity matches, captivating supporters. The event not only served as a platform to showcase the players’ abilities but also fostered cultural exchange and friendship among the participating nations.

Participating Teams brought a formidable lineup of young talents, showcasing their country’s renowned footballing prowess. Moreover, teams displayed their exceptional talent, resilience and unwavering spirit and determination, leaving a lasting impression on spectators. Their flair, creativity, and relentless pursuit of victory made for captivating matches and unforgettable moments and goals.

As a result of competition, Tajikistan youth team with total of 9 points secured Champions title of the tournament. Young talents of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan shared same amount of points however according to the regulations of the competition head to head criteria took place which have led to second place position of Uzbekistan team in tourmament standing. Afghanistan team with their resilience and unwavering spirit have reached third place reaching six points with two wins against Kyrgyz Republic and IR Iran.   

Throughout the tournament, individual players stood out for their exceptional performances. Nurbek Sarsenbaev from Uzbekistan exhibited incredible talent scoring goals and earned Best Goalscorer award. Muhammad Nazriev from Team Tajikistan displayed exceptional skills in Championship and earned Most Valuable Player award. Fair Play award was awarded to the national team of Tajikistan, and a Special Award was awarded to IR Iran.

The award ceremony of the CAFA U17 Championship 2023 tournament was attended by the Vice-President of the Football Federation of Tajikistan Mr. Dilshod Jurazoda, Vice-President of the Olympic Committee of Tajikistan Mr. Dilshod Nazarov, Deputy Mayor of Hisor city Mr. Sirojiddin Karimzoda and CAFA Secretary General Ulugbek Karimov